Description of Project:

WITH4LESS aims to develop new skills that better meet the needs of individuals in different sectors of sustainable tourism, by promoting and implementing simple green solutions that will enable micro-enterprises and SMEs to become more resilient and competitive in the face of the impacts of climate change. The tourism chain will be enriched by a new actor, the Auditor advisor, thanks to the tailor-made pathway for each profile, targeting mainly adults without a high level of education.


The main activities developed will be:

– Common definition of the skills of the new Auditor advisors, for an innovative professional background to promote sustainable and accessible tourism actions.

– Mutual learning training and tailor-made MOOC  (Massive Open Online Course)

– Creation of an international community of Auditor Advisors

– Field activities to disseminate best practices in resource efficiency and consumption

– co-designing a European manifesto for a common path involving the whole tourism chain



42 Auditor advisors, (7  per participating country) will undergo training to adapt their personal approaches using available resources. A web platform will be created to share this knowledge freely with the Project Partners’ countries and beyond, using a simple and engaging approach. The aim is to have a minimum of 360 accesses and registrations for the MOOC (Massive Open Online Course). The web platform will promote the project’s objectives, motivations, needs, and activities, featuring stories and experiences.


A community of at least 20 Auditor advisors will be established as the first group, showcased on the existing international web platform ConsumelessMed.org. They will exchange field experiences, test new solutions, and continually update a set of proposals for SMEs. Additionally, at least 20 Auditor advisors will be actively involved in field activities, working with at least 30 local SMEs for self-assessment and encouraging initial steps to enhance their standards.


Project Duration:

Starting date: 1/09/2023

End Date: 31/08/2025


Total Duration: 24 Months


Budget Allocated: €250,000.00 between 6 project partners.


Energy and Water Agency (Malta): €42,000.00


External Website: https://with4less.eu/

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