The Energy and Water Agency is pleased to announce a new European collaboration on the With4Less – WITH you we can do more 4 Less, Erasmus Project. This project brings together six countries: Malta, Italy, Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria, and Portugal, where The Energy and Water Agency is the lead partner in this initiative.

With4Less aims to create a new community of players in the tourism industry by developing new skills to support customers/tourists, micro-enterprises, SMEs, employees of companies, and service providers to actively participate in the green transition through simple and effective actions.

This goal is achieved by increasing their knowledge and providing access to practical solutions and tools to better manage essential resources (water and energy), minimize waste, and improve sustainable behaviour at the tourism, service provider, and customer levels. This, in turn, enables the offering and selection of more responsible and sustainable products and services, contributing to the promotion of a circular and green economy and, consequently, the fight against climate change.

  • During the 24 months of its implementation, the project aims to achieve the following objectives:
  • Define the necessary knowledge, skills, and competencies of workers so that they become promoters of sustainable solutions.
  • Elaborate a Manifesto to enable all actors in the tourism chain to contribute actively to the fight against climate change.
  • Create an international massive open online course (MOOC) and organize training and coaching activities for the creation of Consume Less Advisors.

The With4Less project consists of four key phases:

  1. Research Training: Involves common research to develop knowledge, skills, and competences for sustainable tourism. It includes mutual learning training for internal staff.
  2. Training Program Creation: The project designs and implements a MOOC-based training program to create 180 Consume Less advisors. These advisors will form an international network and receive certificates of participation.
  3. On-Field Activities: Working with Consume Less advisors, on-field activities and events promote sustainable tourism as an economic opportunity. They involve a wide range of bodies, institutions, companies, and individuals in implementing local sustainable solutions.
  4. Initiatives and Manifesto: This phase focuses on spreading best practices in resource efficiency and consumption, engaging a broad spectrum of local actors, and promoting co-responsibility. It culminates in a Manifesto that encourages all tourism chain actors to actively contribute to the global green transformation, along with six non-conventional events involving the public, decision-makers, tourists, and Consume Less Advisors.
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