The WE MAKE (Water and Energy Management and Knowledge Transfer in Manufacturing Enterprises) project improves engagement in the business community. WE MAKE’s goal is to have more constructive conversations on energy and water conservation to encourage more businesses to implement energy and water efficiency-related projects.

The project focuses on the manufacturing sector (both SMEs and non-SMEs) with the aim of:

  • Undertaking more energy audits carried out by SMEs through the energy audit scheme.
  • Achieving a greater number of energy and water efficiency projects that businesses can carry out with their own financial and human resources.
  • Achieving more energy and water efficiency projects that businesses require external support for.
  • Achieving more research-driven, innovative projects led by businesses.
  • Redesigning and increasing the number of Energy Efficiency Partner Initiatives signatories.
  • Integrating Maltese business sectors in EU projects.


The WE MAKE project is set up through a cooperation agreement between the Energy & Water Agency and the Malta Business Bureau partnered with the Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry.

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