Building on the success of previous initiatives to encourage sustainable practices among voluntary organisations, the Energy and Water Agency is launching a pilot project that will help these groups improve their operations by installing Water Leakage Detection Systems free of charge. The initiative, which opens on 15th July, will provide each successful applicant with a €500 kit to help monitor water flow and detect potential leaks early.

The pilot project aims to better understand how voluntary organisations can reduce water wastage and support them in their efforts to enhance water efficiency and sustainability. The kit will be integrated within the premises’ water tanks, continuously monitoring water flow and identifying potential leaks.

This initiative that builds on the success of previous initiatives aimed at encouraging sustainable practices among voluntary organisations, was announced by the Minister for the Environment, Energy and the Regeneration of the Grand Harbour, Miriam Dalli and EWA’s CEO, Ing Manuel Sapiano. Meanwhile, at the Palazz ta’ Santa Marija in Mqabba, the Socjeta’ Santa Marija u Banda Re Gorg V, showcased the investment they did in sustainable operations thanks to EWA’s support.

The VO was one of 40 organisations that benefitted from schemes offered by the Agency in the past two years. These schemes supported various voluntary organisations – such as band clubs and sports clubs – in implementing sustainable projects that ranged from cleaning and maintaining water reservoirs, installing PVs, to upgrading lighting systems with energy-efficient LEDs.

Manuel Sapiano, stated that the growing interest in the Agency’s schemes targeting voluntary organisations is encouraging. “With this new initiative, we aim to further support the VO sector in becoming more efficient and reduce water consumption. It is also a measure that contributes towards climate action,” he said.

“It is encouraging to see more and more VOs joining our journey towards greener operations. After investing over €1,000,000 in just two years for this aim, EWA is now kicking off a pilot project to help minimise water leakages, which in turn results in environmental and cost efficiency. The voluntary sector is vital to our community, and we are committed to helping these organisations become more efficient and sustainable,” Minister Miriam Dalli said.

She encouraged voluntary organisations to embrace sustainable practices to contribute towards a future where resources are conserved.

Band club president Carlo Sciberras shared his positive experience: “Our organisation has greatly benefited from installing PV panels, resulting in significant savings. We encourage other VOs to take advantage of such schemes.”

Applications for the new water leak detection scheme will be open from 15th July 2024 to 13th September 2024. Interested organisations can apply by clicking here.

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