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The Campaign

WATER – BE THE CHANGE is a national water conservation campaign launched in September 2019 with the aim of delivering an effective educational and awareness raising campaign on the optimised and efficient use of water resources to facilitate a cultural shift in people’s behaviour towards water conservation on the Maltese Islands. The campaign will run for a period of 3 years targeting the domestic, commercial and agricultural sectors.

If we do a little bit together it will be a lot for each other. We are out there inviting you to join the drops with us, to help us conserve Malta’s precious water and be the change.

Whether you have a burning question you want answered or you have encountered a water-related issue, find your answer here or submit your request and a technical person will get in touch.

Want to become a WATER CHAMPION?

Be part of our research project. We will carry out a home water consumption audit to assess what needs improving which will be followed by the installation of FREE water-saving gadgets to improve and monitor your water consumption.

“A little bit together, saves a lot for each other”

with us

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Contact Us

For any information about the campaign or to learn how you can make a difference, get in touch through one of the methods provided.

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