The Energy and Water Agency (EWA) is issuing the fourth call of its grant scheme for research and innovation projects in energy and water, which has already invested €1.6 million in 13 projects since it was launched in 2020.

The fourth call for applications for this scheme will open on 11th September and close on 4th December.

During the presentation of grants to projects benefitting from the previous call, Minister for the Environment, Energy, and Enterprise Miriam Dalli noted that research projects in water and energy are critical for Malta’s sustainability ambitions.

“As a country, we need to continue investing in local research and innovation, especially those initiatives focusing on rapidly advancing sectors, such as renewable energy. Projects such as the ones that EWA is supporting through this scheme can provide us with tangible solutions that help us to attain our long-term objectives, while tackling our challenges today, and in the future,” Miriam Dalli said.

Projects ReUse and Project PvPro by the University of Malta and Abertax Quality Limited are the latest two projects to receive funding through this scheme’s 2022 call. Each project is receiving €200,000, the maximum amount offered through the scheme.

Project ReUse tackles the challenge of recycling electric vehicle battery packs. Through innovative approaches, the project aims to provide sustainable solutions for repurposing discarded EV battery packs. Project PvPro focuses on leveraging renewable energy for household water heating and energy management, particularly significant considering Malta’s seasonal energy dynamics.

The 2023 call will maintain the structure introduced in 2022 while introducing a new requirement, specifying that applications must be submitted as part of a consortium. This approach aims to foster increased collaboration and diverse expertise in tackling complex challenges.

In response to feedback from researchers and other stakeholders, the project duration will be extended to 36 months from the previous 24. This will give the researchers more time to improve prototypes and reach a higher industry standard, resulting in more advanced and practical solutions.

Highlighting the agency’s commitment, Manuel Sapiano, CEO of the Energy and Water Agency, called upon the private, public, and academic sectors to actively participate in the scheme and contribute to the development of projects that enhance the efficient use of energy and water.

The Energy and Water Agency introduced the Research and Innovation scheme in 2020, providing support to 13 projects, amounting to an investment of over €1.6 million.

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