Voluntary Organisations Scheme

Online application system is not accepting further application submissions since the funds for the scheme have been provisionally allocated


The main objective of this Scheme is to support voluntary organisations in reducing their overall energy and water consumption through an increase in energy efficiency, and/or reduction in water use, and/or augmentation of water supply. The assistance is intended to facilitate investment in solutions that contribute directly and tangibly towards these objectives.

Eligible Interventions are:

Category Water Efficiency and Supply Augmentation Energy Efficiency


Water Flow Reduction


Reservoir Restoration


Secondary Network


Water Heating


Equipment Efficiency


Lighting Efficiency

Beneficiaries shall co-fund the investment in the interventions by financing 10% of the eligible costs.
The minimum eligible cost shall be Euro 750 incl. VAT and the maximum eligible cost as described in section 4 of these Rules shall be capped at Euro 30,000 incl. VAT. The grant amount shall cover 90% of the eligible cost up to Euro 27,000 (incl. VAT).

The disbursement of the Grant shall be divided into the following stages:

Stage % of Allocated Grant
Pre-Financing 60
Final Claim 40

Downloadable Files

Scheme Rules Call 2 – August 2022 

Scheme Rules Call 1 – April 2022

Technical Report

How to Apply

All the information regarding the Energy and Water Efficiency Scheme for VOs can be found in the “Scheme Rules”

Section 9 of the Rules provide details on the application process.

The applicants shall ensure complete compliance to the ‘Scheme Rules’ prior to submission as no deviations or negotiations are allowed after submission. No late applications will be accepted.


Note: Scheme Rules have been amended as from Monday 9th May. Refer to section 3, definition of Premises.

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