The action being coordinated by Ambjent Malta focusing on valley management and the protection of valley resources has been launched yesterday. The action forms part of the LIFE Integrated Project on the Optimisation of the implementation of the 2nd River Basin Management Plan in the Malta River Basin District which is being led by the Energy and Water Agency.

During a press conference held at Wied Għomor in San Ġwann, Minister for Energy and Water Management Joe Mizzi explained that the cooperation of multiple Ministries, Parliamentary Secretariats and Government Entities enabled the development of this comprehensive project.

This project action shall develop guidelines and management plans for integrated valley management which will improve the eco-hydrology and socio-economic functions of valleys. The management plans developed as part of this project shall be also shared with other islands in the Mediterranean region which have similar eco-hydrological and socio-economic characteristics.  “The sharing of these experiences shall also strengthen regional cooperation in the field of environment,” explained Minister Mizzi.

Minister for Sustainable Development, Environment and Climate Change José Herrera remarked that the from a national point of view, the strategic aims of the action area to provide a long term vision with regards to the protection, conservation and rehabilitation of our valley systems. In fact, Minister Herrera pointed out that as part of this action, an extensive field data gathering exercise, covering over 60 valley systems, will take place in a number of catchments in Malta and Gozo. The detailed mapping carried out as part of the field data gathering will allow for the development of Master Plans and Technical Guidelines for each catchment area.

Parliamentary Secretary for EU Funds and Social Dialogue Aaron Farrugia emphasized that projects such as the LIFE 16 IPE MT 008 are contributing to the conservation of biodiversity, circular economy and climate action amongst others, which translate into a better quality of life for all.

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