Project Description

URWAN addresses the urgent issue of water scarcity and climate change in Mediterranean areas. As cities become more susceptible to severe weather events, leaders lack comprehensive plans for making urban areas more environmentally friendly over the long term. URWAN combines nature-focused solutions to handle water and adjust to climate change, promoting a unified method and giving stakeholders more power. By connecting urban renewal with resource management, URWAN strives to build resilient and environmentally sustainable communities in the face of these challenges.


  • URWAN gathers information on nature-based solutions (NBS) in a user-friendly format to help communities choose the right solutions for their area.
  • The project transforms three public buildings into “water producers” by implementing innovative interventions that promote green urban surfaces.
  • URWAN involves decision-makers and stakeholders from six cities in the co-design of multifunctional NBSs to address climate change scenarios.
  • The project delivers road maps towards adaptation, outlining strategies for implementing NBSs in urban areas.

Project Outcome

The project involves 9 partners from 7 MED countries. It focuses on enhancing decision-making processes to amplify the impacts of public funds. Through innovative participatory approaches and existing Nature-Based Solutions (NBSs), it emphasizes the multifunctionality of these solutions. The URWAN Catalogue simplifies NBS knowledge for end-users, aiding in co-designing appropriate solutions. Additionally, URWAN converts 3 public buildings into “water producers,” showcasing green urban surfaces’ transformative potential. Collaborating with decision-makers and stakeholders across 6 cities, the project develops Road Maps for adapting to climate change. Utilizing Amplification Strategy and Nature-based Solutions Enabler Pack, partners facilitate solution transfer and mainstreaming NBSs, inspiring decision-makers to view NBSs as resources for urban sustainability, beauty, and social inclusion.

Project Duration

Starting date: January 2024

End Date:  September 2026

Total Duration: 33 Months

Budget Allocated: € 2,836,118.00 between 9 project partners 

EU Funding: €2,268,894.40 (80%)

Energy and Water Agency (Malta): € 216,400.00

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