Preparations for the 4th Mediterranean Water Forum are in full swing with numerous stakeholder meetings taking place to review key points for discussion throughout the forum.

The Energy and Water Agency, Union for the Mediterranean and the Mediterranean Water Institute (IME) held an online meeting in preparation for the 2020 Forum to be held in Malta later this year. The meeting, which brought together 27 stakeholders in the water sector, aimed to further advance a regional strategy for action on water in line with the 2021 World Water Forum’s objectives.

During this meeting, the participants agreed that this Forum will provide a unique platform to underline the joint efforts of the Mediterranean region vis-à-vis the challenges being faced due to climate change, primarily water scarcity and water management.

The current global situation with regards to the COVID-19 pandemic has also been highlighted during this meeting, with particular focus on the efforts that should contribute to economic development while preserving the nexus with public health and hygiene. In fact, the sessions intended to be held during the Forum, will have a special view on how the region needs to act and adapt in the post-COVID-19 era. The Mediterranean Water Forum will be structured into one general session, several technical site visits and five technical sessions, focusing on:

  • Joint solutions and responses for water management
  • Non-conventional water resources
  • Integrated management
  • Finance and investment
  • International collaboration

With the objectives of the 9th World Water Forum (WWF) to be held in Dakar in 2021 revolving around water security, this will b a recurring theme during the Forum, with the ultimate goal being to collaborate and join efforts to contribute towards the future management of water resources in the Mediterranean.

A second steering committee meeting later in June will further discuss these issues whilst continue to promote the Mediterranean Water Forum to ensure more high level participation.

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