The Interreg Euro-Med LocAll4Flood project met in Vic to keep working on flash flood response capacity. The first in-person LocAll4Flood project meeting – taking place between the 08th and 09th of April 2024 in Vic (Barcelona/Spain), at the BETA technological Centre within the Balmes University Foundation – was the official kick-off event inaugurating the project’s journey for the next 30 months.

The LocAll4Flood project partnership, coordinated by the UVIc-UCC/BETA, gathered to continue the work on the development of a new integrated governance model to improve the management of flash floods in the Mediterranean. Financed by the Interreg Euro-MED programme, the project will benefit of the cooperation of 8 project partners representing 6 med-countries (Bulgaria, France, Greece, Italy, Malta, Spain).

Floods caused by rivers that generally have low or intermittent flows represent a major threat in the Mediterranean region. At the same, climate change exacerbates this situation arising the need to improve prevention, adaptation and mitigation measures especially in small-basin areas and islands.

Following the project launch on last January, the project partners already started to define the necessary actions that will be carried out in 9 pilot catchment areas in 6 vulnerable regions particularly sensitive to flash floods – among which there is the Maltese one managed by the Energy and Water Agency (EWA) – where prevention actions will be applied for the development of specific hydro-meteorological forecasting tools and early warning systems (EWS). In addition, educational and awareness-raising activities will be executed as a tool to improve the response capacity of citizens and authorities to these events.

In fact, the new governance model of LocAll4Flood will be created from an integrated bottom-up perspective with the aim to involve as many stakeholders as possible in improving flash flood management risk.

For further information and to keep updated with the latest updates visit the Project page

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