Have you heard about our latest initiative? Do you want your business to be a trend setter in the green world of sustainability? Are you interested in getting all your company involved?

We are offering the corporate sector an opportunity to contribute to the future well-being of both the company and society. Over the past years, the Energy & Water Agency, has researched and experienced ways on how to improve and grow in sustainability within corporations, and to this end,  it is now offering a half-day course targeted to employees within companies, with the aim to instil behavioural changes, offer ideas and promote positive change regards energy, water and waste.

The course is being held at the Ghajn: National Water Conservation Awareness Centre in Rabat. It is vast and interactive, covering topics such as:

  • waste management
  • renewable energy
  • water and energy efficiency
  • sustainable buildings
  • green roofs and much more.

A number of presentations will be delivered by technical professionals, sharing with attendees numerous case studies, and inviting participants to discuss best practices and give feedback.

The half-day course will also feature the opportunity to speak about Malta’s largest ongoing national campaign up to this day – the national water conservation campaign – Water: Be the Change. The campaign has been launched in September 2019 with the aim of delivering an effective educational and awareness raising campaign on the optimised and efficient use of water resources to facilitate a cultural shift in people’s behaviour towards water conservation on the Maltese Islands.

What will companies gain by participating in this course?

The aim is to create individual responsibility within employees, who in turn, will aide and improve the overall operations of a company. The course ends with a questionnaire, where the attendees will be asked to give insight and share practices within the company in a confidential manner. These questionnaires will be reviewed and analysed by our experts, who in turn will approach the attendees for a follow-up session, in which best practices and factual tips for implementation within the company will be discussed.

Sessions are being held once a month, until the month of June. Attendees will be accepted on a first come, first served basis. For more information kindly contact Amanda Zahra on tel: +356 2229 2532 or by email on amanda.b.zahra@gov.mt. You can also download the accompanying flyer by clicking here.

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