The Energy and Water Agency is proud to officially announce the launch of its new website. With the new year, new resolutions are set, and this was definitely ours.

The aim of this website is to create a portal which displays all that the Agency stands for, ranging from the projects that it takes care of, the schemes which are regularly launched and also a transparency platform in disseminating information on how the Government operates through the Agency in achieving secure, sustainable and affordable energy and water for Malta. In other words, the website will be a source of information that displays what is being done by the Agency, whilst also making available to the general public any new initiatives. Furthermore, the website will also act as means to keep the general public up to speed with developments in energy and water affairs at both European and national level.

We intend to turn this website into an effective window for stakeholders, partner entities and ultimately the public, to remain up to date through continuous updates and active dialogue – all aimed for designing and implementing valid policies for security of supply, sustainability and affordability of energy and water for Malta.

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