Sustainability Training Course

The Energy and Water Agency shall be holding an online sustainability course targeted towards employees from the corporate sector.  The Energy, Water and Sustainable Solutions:  Supporting Malta’s Corporate and Government Sector. The main aims for this course shall be, how the Sustainable Development Goals can contribute to the process of change towards sustainable development.

The course aims to:

  • Create a positive impact on businesses and Government entities by raising awareness on their role in sustainability.
  • Present concepts and issues faced by the Government and Private sector in sustainability.
  • Offer ideas on sustainability solutions.
  • Instil behavioural change across both sectors.
  • Promote employee wellbeing.

The learning outcomes of the course are:

  • To evaluate how both sectors can contribute to the process of change towards sustainable development.
  • To identify challenges and opportunities for improved sustainability in the workplace.
  • To highlight principles of good practice in the workplace for sustainable development.
  • To devise a plan of action that reduces the impact of human activities on the environmental (water/carbon) footprint.

More information and bookings

The course shall start running in February 2024, once a week and shall be repeated each month till June.  All sessions shall be held online with each session being 3 hrs long (from 09:30 till 12:30). 

This project is also divided into 2 phases; where Phase 1 shall be an online theoretical course and Phase 2 shall be follow-up sessions with all attendees, applying ESD strategies to create behavioural change.

The courses shall start:

23rd February 2024

19th April 2024

Each course shall run 3 consecutive Fridays from the day of course commencement.

Sessions are free of charge. A certificate of attendance will be given to all attendees during the Sustainable conference on 27th of June more info will be communicated further on. 

All interested entities and individuals to join these sessions can apply here:

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