Following the success of the first national workshop as part of the Mediterranean Island Cleantech Innovation Ecosystem (MICIE), held on 17th April 2023, the Energy and Water Agency (EWA) collaborated with key stakeholders to continue enhancing research and innovation (R&I) in energy and climate in Malta. The first workshop saw the Malta Chamber and the Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology, in conjunction with EWA, bring together representatives from the public, private, academic, and non-governmental sectors to exchange best practices and engage in an open dialogue aimed at supporting the two countries in achieving their National Energy and Climate Plan (NECP) targets through R&I.


Building upon the achievements of the first workshop, the organizing entities extended invitations to stakeholders, three workshops were held on the 15th of May 2023. These workshops focused on three specific areas, mainly i) Clean & Energy Efficient Solutions (including Urban Planning & Mobility), ii) Renewable Solutions for Islands, and iii) Integration of Renewable Electricity (including Smart Grid Management & Storage Solutions).


During these workshops, stakeholders were introduced to the concept of a ‘Pentagonal Problem’. This concept prompted participants to identify the diverse resources and requirements necessary to accomplish various actions. The outcomes from these workshops will contribute to the development of Malta’s R&I action plan.


Launched in 2022, the MICIE project is funded by Horizon Europe Framework Programme for Research and Innovation of the European Union and has a clear objective: to bolster the role of research and innovation (R&I) in Malta and Cyprus. By facilitating connections within and between the two R&I ecosystems and leveraging the unique strengths of each country, the project aims to foster collaborations that can effectively address challenges.


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