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The second call for Research and Innovation projects in Energy and Water Grant Scheme is officially open from the 15th March, 2021. Click here for more information regarding the scheme and application period.

Should you require further assistance, please send us an e-mail on: rni-energywateragency@gov.mt


The R&I Grant Scheme was officially launched by Minister for Energy and Water Management Michael Farrugia on 16th September. The application period was open from 18th September to 30th October 2020. Click here for more information.

The evaluation of the applications received under the 2020 Call for Proposals has been completed. The outcome is as follows:


Project Acronym Project Name Eligible for Award Evaluation Mark
ESTELLE Energy Storage and Power-to-X Technologies for Optimal Integration of Renewable Generation Eligible 88
IPCoSy Innovative Photovoltaic Cooling System Eligible 88
PURILMA Development and Optimization of a Technology for use in Potable Water Disinfection and Treatment Eligible 88
WetSoil A Water-Efficient Irrigation Monitoring System for Agriculture Eligible 84
SIGMA Seismic Imaging of Groundwater for Maltese Aquifers Eligible 81
F-VEE Financially Viable Energy Efficiency Eligible 69
WELL-Built Comfort, Modern and Efficient Building Environment for Malta and Occupants Well-being Not eligible

Should you require further assistance, please send us an e-mail on: rni-energywateragency@gov.mt

National Strategy for Research and Innovation in Energy and Water (2021-2030)

The Energy and Water Agency has been entrusted with the development of Malta’s National Strategy for Research and Innovation in Energy and Water. The Strategy document is intended to provide a high level framework for research activity in these two sectors for the period 2021-2030.

The National Strategy for Research and Innovation in the fields of Energy and Water was officially launched on the 17th of June, 2020.

The development of the National Strategy for R&I in Energy and Water is closely linked to the European drive to expand and further R&I activities, as this is increasingly viewed as a cross-cutting measure necessary to enable Member States realise their national ambitions and the EU, as a whole, to deliver on its overarching objectives. In line with this perspective, the Strategy seeks to further support research and innovation work in energy and water, two areas deemed to be of national importance.

The National Strategy is expected to build on existing strengths and seek to address current gaps. It also identifies high level priority areas for R&I activities for the next decade, aligned with the country’s long-term vision of national and EU energy and water policy, with a view towards the wider goals of decarbonisation, sustainability and affordability.

The draft strategy was  published for public consultation between the 19th of December 2019 and the 7th of February 2020, with stakeholders and the public having the opportunity to provide feedback, comments and proposals. That being said, continuous engagement with stakeholders constitutes the cornerstone of the development of the National Strategy.  We therefore invite individuals or entities who wish to submit feedback to either contact the Energy and Water Agency or send an email on: rni-energywateragency@gov.mt

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