The Energy and Water Agency is currently in its fourth consecutive year of running the Energy and Water Research and Innovation scheme. The application period for this scheme will be open from September 11, 2023, until December 4 2023. This year, the scheme required eligible applications to focus on specific areas aligned with National Policies and sectoral issues.

These designated focus areas are as follows: 

A. Enhancing the efficiency of greywater systems to optimize water usage.

B. Developing innovative systems to address water leakage management. 

C. Expanding the potential or introducing novel implementations of solar and wind energy systems. 

D. Integrating energy sources into the grid and storage, with a focus on renewable energy.

This iteration of the scheme maintains the previous Technology Readiness Level (TRL) requirements. However, projects selected for funding this year will have up to three years to reach TRL level 7 by the end of the program. Beneficiaries are expected to produce a prototype or model that operates effectively within a suitable environment.

This change was implemented to demonstrate the tangible outcomes that can result from Research & Innovation and underscore the importance of R&I in achieving sustainability goals. The scheme has allocated a budget of €400,000, with each project eligible to request a maximum budget of €200,000. Applicants were required to submit their applications as part of a consortium.

An Information Session is scheduled for September 19 at 3 pm to provide further details about the scheme.

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