R&I Grant Scheme 2021

The second call for Research and Innovation projects in Energy and Water Grant Scheme was officially opened on the 15th of March 2021. Download the 2021 Call – Rules for Participation (April 2021).

The evaluation of the applications received under the 2021 Call for Proposals has been completed. The beneficiaries is as follows:

Name of Project HydroGenEration
Project Partners University of Malta
Project Description Hydro Pneumatic Energy Storage ( HPES) for Offshore Green Hydrogen Generation.  The project proposes an extensive investigation into the synergies between the various technological elements of a HPES system for offshore green hydrogen production in a closer-to-home Central Mediterranean context.


Name of Project FORTRESS
Project Partners University of Malta
Project Description FORTRESS deals with a novel floating breakwater concept designed to facilitate the large-scale integration of offshore solar and wind technologies in deep waters around islands by creating sheltered waters, hence reducing the structural requirements to support solar and wind energy conversion systems and integrating energy storage.


Name of Project REVOLT
Project Partners University of Malta
Project Description REVOLT stands for Reducing Energy generated intermittency through VOLTage regulation.  REVOLT proposes and develops a technical solution through detailed design, modelling and simulations of a smart device to perform real-time voltage regulation at the consumer premises to eliminate unwanted disconnection of RES systems.


Name of Project SIFORCE
Project Partners

University of Malta


Project Description SIFORCE stands for SIlicon Improvement FOR higher Cell Efficiency.  SIFORCE will focus on understanding the defect generation and growth mechanisms in commercial Si crystals, and on estimating their impact on the yield of high-end solar cells.


Name of Project DustPV
Project Partners University of Malta
Project Description Dust PV proposes the development of a cost-effective dust-related power-loss (DRPL) sensor that can be used to monitor daily and cumulative energy losses. Attributed only to dust accumulation.


Name of Project SWAN
Project Partners University of Malta
Project Description  SWAN will be developing a surface-towed, modular, controlled-source electromagnetic (CSEM) system for mapping offshore groundwater resources (OFG and SGD) up to a water depth of 100m and use this system to carry out a comprehensive assessment of freshened groundwater resources offshore the Maltese Islands.




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