The Ministry for the Environment, Energy and Enterprise launched the first policy document, detailing the National Policy for the Deployment of Offshore Renewable Energy for public consultation.

The Offshore Renewable Energy Policy seeks to enable the offshore potential of the Mediterranean in the country’s best interest. Technology-neutral, the policy supports the implementation of offshore renewable projects, mainly wind and solar, in areas lying beyond the territorial waters and within Malta’s potential Exclusive Economic Zone.

“The Government’s energy vision is to offer affordable and clean energy, improve the infrastructure, strengthen innovation, and continue delivering measures in favour of climate action. The launch of this policy paper for public consultation is an important milestone in this green transition,” Minister for the Environment, Energy and Enterprise Miriam Dalli said. “The deployment of offshore energy projects is also an opportunity for sustainable economic growth, opening up job opportunities in the green and blue economies whilst tapping into the potential which the Mediterranean Sea has to offer.”

Following the public consultation and subsequent updates to the policy document, an international expression of interest will be issued. In parallel, a Strategic Environment Assessment will be prepared.

The policy provides a comprehensive framework to promote investment in renewable energy, direct potential investors towards efficient renewable technologies, promote research, development, and innovation, and ensure that the offshore energy potential supports the country’s energy security.

Offshore renewable energy projects also tap into the potential of the blue and green economies. The proposed policy seeks to generate economic growth by creating a platform for new green employment opportunities and focuses the possibility of creating jobs in various sectors, including manufacturing, operation, and maintenance of renewable energy infrastructure.

The proposed policy also seeks to complement the regulatory and implementation framework, which will support investors in materialising their offshore projects, reducing the time from concept to commissioning by assisting directly through effective governance and monitoring. The public consultation opens today till the end of September. The document is accessible on the Government’s public consultation portal or through here.

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