Projects for Policy Making

The Energy & Water Agency values the implementation of national and EU-funded projects to develop new and improved approaches to water policy. One of the key projects currently being coordinated by the Water Unit is the LIFE Integrated Project, which supports the implementation of Malta’s 2nd River Basin Management Plan and will also support the execution of future water management plans.

Public awareness of Malta’s water resources is also a critical component for effective policymaking. This is why the Energy & Water Agency is implementing a national campaign (, aiming to raise awareness among the Maltese population on the importance of using our available water resources efficiently and sustainably.

Reliable and updated information on Malta’s water resources is also essential for effective water resource management. To this end, the Energy & Water Agency is implementing a dedicated project (CF. PA10.0096) to upgrade and develop the monitoring infrastructure necessary to assess the status of natural water resources in Malta. The information acquired will enable us to determine the impact of the water management measures being implemented and help us optimise the implementation of future measures.

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