Through an investment of over € 1,250,000, 11 research and innovation projects in the fields of energy and water have received funding. These projects are assisting to solve the country’s current challenges. Through the Energy and Water Agency’s research and innovation scheme, an average of €110,000 per project has been awarded between the first and second call.

The Minister for the Environment, Energy, and Enterprise Miriam Dalli together with Parliamentary Secretary for Youth, Research and Innovation Keith Azzopardi Tanti announced at a press conference that the third call for projects will be launched. This year’s call will see an investment of half a million euros in research and innovation projects. An information session will be held in the coming days. The application period is also expected to open in early June.

Unlike previous calls, this year applicants must be in a partnership. Partnerships can include a combination of academic, public, or private sector entities, to create a synergy between different parties. Applications will then be judged on merit on the basis of Excellence, Implementation, and Impact.

Applicants can benefit from up to €200,000 for each project focusing on increasing sustainability such as projects on photovoltaic panels and battery storage, and water-efficient agricultural systems.

A grant agreement was also presented to the researchers of the six awarded projects from the second call. These projects will be tackling different challenges within water and energy, including better mapping of offshore groundwater resources or improving the efficiency of renewable energy systems.

Minister Miriam Dalli highlighted, “Through this investment, we are assisting researchers in developing their ideas towards sustainable changes. Through the second call, other projects have benefited and made this scheme a success, therefore I look forward to seeing more collaboration to enhance efficiency and support research and innovation.”

Parliamentary Secretary for Youths, Research, and Innovation, Keith Azzopardi Tanti explained how the fields of energy and water are given importance through research and innovation. “I encourage both private and public sectors to participate in this scheme, to develop projects to enhance the efficient use of energy and water. The third call of this scheme proves the Government’s determination in continuing investing in Research and Innovation,” remarked the Parliamentary Secretary.

The third call will be investing half a million in research and innovation projects. Applications for this call will open in early June, after a dedicated information session for interested parties.

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