In preparation for the 3rd River Basin Management Plan, which forms part of the Water Framework Directive, the Energy and Water Agency has launched a public consultation to turn to the public and stakeholders for their views and feedback regarding the significant water management issues.

During a press conference, Minister for Energy and Water Management Michael Farrugia emphasised the importance of getting feedback and addressing the issues that the public and stakeholders, especially when dealing with water management which is such a crucial issue in everyone’s life. Minister Farrugia highlighted the work being done by a number of Government entities, Ministries, among others. This cooperation to create this plan will lead to its eventual implementation through smaller plans and actions.

Minister for the Environment Aaron Farrugia focused on the importance of a higher level of engagement with the public, particularly on water issues and challenges they face and want addressed.

The document on the Significant Water Management Issues can be found through here, whilst the feedback questionnaire can be filled in here. More details regarding the public consultation can be accessed here, whilst information on the Water Framework Directive is found here.

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