Three new schemes have been launched for Maltese families to invest in renewable energy, whilst saving money in energy bills. These schemes will assist consumers to switch from the conventional geyser, that consumes a considerable amount of energy, to more efficient water heaters. This comes after the launch of more attractive PV panels schemes for households to invest in cleaner energy.

During a press conference, Minister for Energy, Enterprise and Sustainability Miriam Dalli, launched three schemes that will allow households to heat water in an efficient and environmentally sustainable way. These schemes are aimed at encouraging the installation of more solar water heaters and air to water heat pump technologies, even for those who have already invested in a PV panel system.

These newly launched schemes focus on two technologies to heat water in the household: solar water heaters, and for those without roof access, air to water heat pumps. The existing solar water heater scheme, Thermal Basic Scheme gives a €700 grant for a system with 5 years warranty. To this, another solar water heater scheme has been added, the Thermal Premium Scheme for stainless steel systems exceeding the 100 litre capacity, whereby a maximum of €1,400 will be given as a grant, covering 75% of the total investment. Under the Premium scheme, an additional €500 grant will be given to cover a 10-year warranty. These solar water heater technologies save an average of around 1,800 electrical units annually per household.

The air to water heat pump technology gives the opportunity to those not having roof access to invest and install a clean energy technology in their household. This grant, Heat Pump Starter will give a grant of a maximum of €1,000, which covers 50% of the investment.

These schemes will continue assisting families in investing in clean energy, to not only save money but also contribute to the country’s continuous efforts to reach the targets in this sector. Minister Dalli said that these schemes also help address three sustainable development goals, as outlined by the United Nations.

“We are committed to continue working on the best measures for cleaner and cheaper energy whilst assisting sustainable economic growth,” said Minister Dalli. “We’ll be working hand in hand with all relevant stakeholders, as we’ve been doing, keeping families at the heart of our policies.”

Customer applications will be accepted at the Regulator for Energy and Water Services – REWS online as from Monday 26th April, whilst technical applications from suppliers will be accepted as from Monday 19th April. Further information regarding the technologies and the application process can be found on or through the freephone 8000 2400

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