The editors of the Hydrogeology Journal (HJ) have chosen the article “Numerically enhanced conceptual modelling (NECoM) applied to the Malta Mean Sea Level Aquifer” as one of the Editors’ Choice article for the 2021 publication year. We are honoured and proud that this work, developed as part of one of the actions within the LIFE 16 IPE MT008 project focusing on the development of improved groundwater models, has been recognised as part of the top ten articles published in the “2021 Editors’ Choice articles”.

The article highlights the approach utilised for the development of an updated numerical and conceptual model of the Mean Sea Level Aquifer (MSLA) on the island of Malta. This approach maximised the use of the existing data, whilst also highlighting any uncertainties as a result of insufficient data. This approach also allowed for the development of an improved conceptual model of the MSLA and to characterise better the quantitative and qualitative pressures on our groundwater bodies. The ongoing project on the upgrading of the existing hydrological monitoring infrastructure being implemented by the Energy and Water Agency is now taking advantage of the approach adopted in this study and intensifying the monitoring efforts to address knowledge gaps or issues related to data unavailability.

Not only the implementation of this LIFE action enabled the utilisation of updated and more calibrated models for the development of groundwater management scenarios but also allowed training for the staff at the Energy and Water agency to improve their knowledge on the development, calibration and use of the developed numerical groundwater models.

Have a look at the article through the link shared below:

(free access worldwide through 1 April 2022, via the Hydrogeology Journal website)

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