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NAWAMED aims at changing the urban water management and fostering the use of Non-Conventional  Water Resources (NCW) thanks to innovative, sustainable and low-cost treatment technologies, to decrease the use of potable water.

To increase the adoption of innovative, sustainable and low-cost technologies and measures for the use of non-conventional water resources for domestic purposes.

What will be improved
The project will demonstrate the technical and economic feasibility of nature-based and low-cost solutions, such as living green walls, to treat non-conventional water resources in schools, universities, public facilities and in a refugee camp.

Recovered greywater or stormwater will be reused for different purposes, including toilet flushing and irrigation and thus decreasing the consumption of potable water for domestic use. Furthermore, the project will showcase that design and architecture can make a building water producer rather than water consumer.

€ 3.2 million total budget, 90% ENI CBC MED contribution

36 months: 10/09/2019 – 09/09/2022


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