The Energy and Water Agency (EWA) and the Environment and Resources Authority (ERA) will be hosting Malta’s first National Water Conference on Friday, 16 th February 2024.   The theme of this conference will be centered on Malta’s 3 rd River Basin Management Plan and therefore support the current public consultation process on this plan.

The conference will discuss issues such as the status of surface, ground and marine water resources, the measures which have been identified to progressively achieve good status in all water bodies and the economic characteristics related to water use in Malta.  Experts from both entities will present key outcomes and results, which will then be discussed with the support of invited experts from the Water Services Corporation, Academia, and Environmental NGOs.

Registrations to the National Water Conference can be submitted online below .  Whilst attendance is free, registration is recommended for logistical and safety purposes.

Additionally, specific comments and recommendations in relation to Malta’s 3 rd River Basin Management Plan can be submitted through the official consultation portal which can be accessed through the following link.

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