Minister for Energy and Water Management Joe Mizzi visited GĦAJN, the National Water Conservation Awareness Centre in Rabat where school children from Kalkara Primary School were undergoing water conservation activities. The children enjoyed very much the educational and interactive activities and have learned that with few smart adaptation to their daily habits they can contribute to conserve water. 

The centre, managed by the Energy and Water Agency hosts hundreds of visitors each month, ranging from school children, adults and youth organisations amongst others. These visits are all aimed to raise awareness and promote water conservation through fun and interactive activities.

Minister Mizzi said that this centre serves a very important educational role where water conservation practices are instilled in children from an early age. He remarked that schools booking their visits for their students to GĦAJN will benefit from free school transport to and from the Centre, as part of the LIFE IP Project, to make their visits much easier.

Minister for Energy and Water Management described the Centre as a success story with over 3,500 people participating in the Centre’s educational activities to date.

The sessions carried out at GĦAJN for school children are aimed at students of 7 years and upwards, even though the centre appeals to all ages. The 2 hour educational programme covers themes from science, geography, social studies and environmental studies syllabi, therefore primary schools are encouraged to visit the Centre.

Further information about the GĦAJN – The National Water Conservation Awareness Centre

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