Mediterranean Island Cleantech Innovation Ecosystem (MICIE)

Project Description

The Mediterranean Island Cleantech Innovation Ecosystem (MICIE) project is a Horizon-EIE-2021-Connect funded project with a consortium of partners from Malta and Cyprus. The project will leverage on the work that the two countries have been doing with EIT Climate-KIC to bring all the relevant partners together, exchange ideas, organize workshop and prepare action plans in the innovation field of their National Energy and Climate Plans (NECP).


The MICIE project is a consortium of partners from Malta and Cyprus representing the quadruple helix of Academia (represented locally by MCAST), Industry (represented locally by the Malta Chamber), Public Bodies (represented locally by EWA) and Civil Society & Citizens. Each is a competent representative in their respective fields, having each been working on the topic of R&I in Energy and Climate over the past 5 years. The overall goal of this project is to combine the efforts of these partners to develop a cross-sectoral approach to build interconnected and inclusive innovation ecosystems for the advancing of R&I in energy and climate as set out in their respective NECPs.


The overall aim of the MICEI project is for Cyprus and Malta, being small islands with similar needs, barriers and peculiarities, and are being consider ‘moderate’ and ‘modest’ innovators, to capitalize (a) on their work up to date and (b) on the experience and the support of EIT Climate-KIC from across Europe (‘innovation leaders’ and ‘strong innovators’) to build interconnected and inclusive innovation ecosystems, that will assist them in tackling the innovation gap and in achieving the energy and climate targets set out in the NECP. Overall, it is expected that the Global Cleantech Innovation Index (GCII), Global Competitive Index (GCI) and the European Regional Competitiveness Index of Cyprus and Malta will grow through the proposed cooperation and will thus improve their standings in the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM).

Project Outcome

Through the MICIE project, the partners will:

  • Identify and analyse existing similar innovation ecosystems worldwide (i.e., the case of Hawaii and Okinawa), drawing from lessons learned in those cases,
  • Apply the Systems Innovation Approach for a holistic approach towards the co-creation, co-planning and co-investments for the creation of innovation cleantech ecosystems,
  • Identify, analyse, classify and cluster all relevant local and national actors and engage them through a series of workshops,
  • Create an R&I Action Plan template containing guiding principles, based on the steps take in this project, to create a robust, impactful and implementable Action Plan, that can be used by other island nations/regions,
  • Write up an action plan for the setting up of joint programmes, that can be used specifically in the case of Cyprus and Malta to stimulate innovation procurement to help the market uptake of innovative solutions, and
  • Communicate the results of the project, both nationally and at an EU level.


Project Duration

Starting date: June 2022

End Date: December 2023

Total Duration: 18 months

Budget Allocated: € 482,000.00 (all project partners)

Energy and Water Agency (Malta): € 52,500.00

Project Website:  


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