Project Description

Water scarcity is a pressing issue in the Mediterranean region, impacting both urban and rural communities. In response to this challenge, the MEDWAYCAP project has been initiated to foster cooperation and innovation in water management. With a focus on the reuse of treated wastewater as a non-conventional water resource (NCWR), the project aims to equip stakeholders with the necessary knowledge and skills to address water shortages effectively. Through collaboration and capacity building, MEDWAYCAP seeks to promote sustainable water practices and enhance governance at multiple levels.


  1. Facilitate cooperation among stakeholders to address water scarcity issues in the Mediterranean region.
  2. Promote the reuse of treated wastewater as a non-conventional water resource for domestic and agricultural purposes.
  3. Enhance multi-level governance and capacity in water management and planning.
  4. Raise awareness among public authorities and policymakers about the benefits of NCWR measures.
  5. Provide stakeholders with state-of-the-art knowledge and skills through capacity-building activities.

Project Outcome

As a result of the MEDWAYCAP project, stakeholders will be better equipped to tackle water scarcity challenges in the Mediterranean region. Through enhanced cooperation and governance, communities will benefit from improved access to water resources and increased resilience to droughts and other water-related crises. The promotion of treated wastewater reuse will not only alleviate local water shortages but also contribute to the sustainability of water systems and support the circular economy. Public authorities and policymakers will be more informed about the importance of NCWR measures, leading to the development of policies and funding initiatives to support sustainable water management practices. Overall, the MEDWAYCAP project will pave the way for integrated and innovative approaches to water management, ensuring a more resilient future for Mediterranean communities.

Project Duration

Starting date: October 2021

End Date: September 2023

Total Duration: 24 Months

Budget Allocated: €1,100,000 between 9 project partners.

Energy and Water Agency (Malta): €61,920.00


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