Exploring common challenges towards the setting up of a Common Mediterranean Policy Framework for the valorisation of Non-Conventional Water Resources use is the background topic of the MEDWAYCAP & NAWAMED Joint International Event taking place along this week at the National Library of Tunis between the 06th and 09th February 2023.

Hosted by the Centre for Water Research and Technologies (CERTE, Tunisia) in synergy with the International Centre for Advanced Mediterranean Agronomic Studies (CIHEAM, Bari/Italy) and the Euro-Mediterranean centre for the Sustainable Development (SVI.MED, Ragusa/Italy), the event will merge the expertise raised by the ENI CBC MED “water efficiency” cluster of projects –  including MEDWAYCAP, NAWAMED and MENAWARA – with the aim to enhance the impact of the tangible identified solutions for Non-Conventional Water resource (NCWR) valorisation at Mediterranean level.

The MEDWAYCAP & NAWAMED Joint International Event is the result of a long preparatory work – developed during the 2022 to establish the most useful methodology tailored on the MEDWAYCAP objective – to foster the NCWR integration into the water governance system and related business opportunities in the context of the circular economy.

In occasion of the Joint International Event in Tunisia, a full agenda of round tables and workshops has been adjusted to be more consistent to the Tunisian national needs to leave tangible results (prototypes) at the end of this 4-days condensed process in which common economic, social, technological, cultural and environmental challenges can be addressed at policy, strategy and technical levels with the support of multidisciplinary and multi-level experts.

On the 6th of February the NAWAMED National Conference will be an occasion to share and debate the outcomes achieved during the project about the drivers for a wide application of Nature-Based Solutions (NSB) for the use of NCW in urban areas, by exploring different initiatives and innovative ideas coming from the Mediterranean basin. The same day will be also inaugurated in Tunisia the itinerant MEDWAYCAP Exhibition coming from Syracuse (Italy),designed to travel around the Mediterranean and tell the story of different case studies and good practices on the reuse of treated wastewater in unconventional forms.

The 7th and 8th of February will be dedicated to the 1st MEDWAYACAP Mediterranean Innovation Camp, actively involving in three parallel sessions more than 40 stakeholders and high levels experts coming from 8 Mediterranean countries, to jointly reframe and analyse the challenge of embracing the non-conventional water reuse and management by co-designing sustainable and innovative solutions in the region.

Finally, on the 9th of February, thanks to the collaboration with the Energy & Water Agency (EWA, Malta), will be launched the NAWAMED 3rd Mediterranean Water Table to share among participants the results of the national stakeholders meetings carried out around the project partner countries (Italy, Malta, Tunisia, Jordan and Lebanon) aiming at reaching a common vision  toward a Mediterranean Policy Document to foster the inclusion of water demand management and NCWR measures in national policy frameworks. 

For more information visit MEDWAYCAP and NAWAMED

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