A diverse audience from various sectors such as academia, financial institutions, government entities, micro-SMEs, NGOs, and large corporations gathered to discuss how Malta can maximize its resources in energy, water, and sustainable solutions. The conference focused on four main themes: identifying workplace challenges, exploring opportunities for implementing sustainable measures in business, showcasing solutions through case studies of successful sustainable models, and envisioning the future of sustainability.

The conference featured presentations from both foreign and local speakers including representatives from The Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise & Industry, Nottingham Business School, Nottingham Trent University, Northumbria University, Faculty for the Built Environment, University of Malta, and APS bank. The speakers shared their insights and knowledge on sustainability achievements from their respective sectors and discussed what could be done to improve the situation in Malta.

The second part of the conference featured a panel discussion Q&A, where participants had the opportunity ask questions. This was followed by a networking session in a round-table setup, where participants discussed, shared their ideas and solutions.

The Minister for the Environment, Energy and Regeneration of the Grand Harbour highlighted that events such as the Sustainability Conference are perfect opportunities for stakeholders to come together, exchange solutions, and learn from each other. As we move towards a sustainable future, the involvement of each stakeholder is essential.

Energy and Water Agency CEO Manuel Sapiano noted that while the road to implementing sustainable measures is long, the Agency is committed to support other entities and corporate companies in becoming more sustainable, emphasizing the importance of making sustainability profitable.

This conference was organised following the sustainability training courses offered yearly by the Agency to the Corporate and Public sectors over 6 years. The training aims to provide a service to the corporate and government sectors by creating a positive impact in the workplace through raising awareness of their role in sustainability. The training also promotes employee well-being while offering ideas on sustainability solutions to foster behavioural change across the workforce.

The Energy and Water Agency organized this conference as part of Action C.4 of the LIFE16 IPE MT000008 Project.

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