Water conservation is a shared responsibility of all citizens – Minister Miriam Dalli

Water conservation is a shared responsibility of all citizens and we need to work together to ensure the sustainability of this critical natural resource.

The Minister for the Environment, Energy and the Regeneration of the Grand Harbour Miriam Dalli stressed the importance of collective action in the implementation of the third River Basin Management Plan (RBMP), during the opening of Malta’s first National Water Conference

The Conference hosted by the Energy and Water Agency in collaboration with the Environment and Resources Authority, held a discussion on water management in Malta, as the ongoing public consultation on the third River Basin Management Plan (RBMP) draws to a close next month.

Minister Dalli explained that this plan will build on the progress of recent years, while ensuring that water management and conservation in Malta truly makes a sustainable leap forward. “Beyond drafting plans, the Government is pledging an unwavering commitment to ensure its implementation. Effective water conservation action by all stakeholders is an essential element of our vision for a more sustainable future.”

Energy and Water Agency CEO Manuel Sapiano discussed the importance of the Water Energy Food Ecosystems Nexus in river basin management planning. “Mainstreaming this nexus in water policy ensures the development of more comprehensive implementation frameworks with strong linkages to water associated sectors, thereby ensuring stronger and more sustainable objectives.”

The conference delved into some of the actions proposed in the RBMP, including the increase in the production of New Water and the extension of its distribution network. This investment will ensure that efficient water demands by the agricultural sector are sustainably met, explained the Water Services Corporation CEO, Karl Cilia.

Other important actions mentioned as part of the RBMP were the substantial reform of groundwater abstraction regulations presented for public consultation in a white paper in November. This reform aims to effectively protect groundwater as a reliable source of freshwater for the future.

The conference also discussed monitoring facilities to better understand and forecast the quality of groundwater. One of these methods is the commissioning of a new hydrological monitoring framework, which would also provide early warning capacity in the impacts of climate change.

For more information on the RBMP and the ongoing public consultation click here

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