Project Description

The LocAll4Flood project aims to address the significant threat posed by flash floods, particularly in small catchments across the Mediterranean region and islands. These rapid-onset events, exacerbated by climate change, present substantial risks to communities and infrastructure. The project will focus on developing and testing an Integrated Multi-stakeholder Governance Model (IMGM) to effectively manage flash floods. By combining prevention, adaptation, and mitigation strategies, LocAll4Flood seeks to enhance the capacity to cope and increase resilience in affected areas, ultimately reducing the associated risks and mitigating the impact of these devastating natural disasters.


  • Development and testing of an Integrated Multi-stakeholder Governance Model (IMGM) to manage flash floods.
  • Testing of the IMGM in 9 pilot catchments located in 6 regions sensitive to flash floods.
  • Implementation of the IMGM in various topographical areas: Urban, industrial, rural/natural, and coastal.
  • Adoption of a transnational approach for demonstrating the IMGM in a wide range of sensitive areas.
  • Focus on cross-border cooperation and transferability of the IMGM to other vulnerable regions.
  • Promotion of an integrated and bottom-up approach to address Mediterranean flash floods.

Project Outcome

The LocAll4Flood project aims to develop and test an Integrated Multi-stakeholder Governance Model (IMGM) to manage flash floods, mitigating associated risks through prevention, adaptation, and mitigation measures. This model, tailored to urban, industrial, rural/natural, and coastal areas, will undergo testing in 9 pilot catchments across 6 sensitive regions in Greece, Italy, Bulgaria, Malta, Catalonia, and the Balearic Islands. Unlike conventional top-down approaches, LocAll4Flood emphasizes multi-stakeholder engagement and bottom-up integration of actions. The project’s transnational scope facilitates demonstrating the IMGM’s effectiveness across diverse landscapes, fostering cross-border cooperation and enhancing transferability. Through capacity-building programs and policy advocacy, the 8 partners and 13 associated entities aim to catalyze policy changes and promote the widespread adoption of the IMGM in the Mediterranean region.

Project Duration:

Starting date: January 2024

End Date: September 2026

Total Duration: 33 months

Budget Allocated: € 2,343,206.89 between 8 project partners.

EU funding: €1,874,565,50 (80%)

Energy and Water Agency (Malta): € 218,637.50

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