In an initiative of the Ministry for Energy, Enterprise and Sustainable Development together with the Energy and Water Agency, talks have started with a number of Local Councils to have a greater role in the distribution of the water conservation kits and facilitate their access to the public.

In a visit to the Water – Be the Change town tour mobile unit which was carrying out its distribution in Żurrieq, Minister Miriam Dalli emphasised the importance of this national water conservation campaign, with the aim of increasing efficiency in water usage. The Agency’s campaign is in it’s second year of distribution and has already distributed thousands of water saving kits packed with easy to use gadgets to reduce a household’s energy consumption.

During this visit, Minister Dalli remarked the importance of the talks with the local councils to enable the public to get their hands on their water saving kits by extending the pick up period in the locality through facilities offered within the local council premises. This initiative will kicking off in Żurrieq in collaboration with its local council and continue with a number of other localities that will host the Water – Be the Change campaign.

During the Żurrieq visit, Chief Policy Officer for Water, within the Energy and Water Agency, Michael Schembri explained the importance of such national campaign, on an island like Malta where its natural resource of water is quite scarce. He also explained the work behind the campaign and the plans for future localities.

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