The Life Integrated Project

Project Description

The LIFE Integrated Project (LIFE IP) is a comprehensive initiative aimed at supporting the implementation of Malta’s 2nd River Basin Management Plan (RBMP) and achieving the environmental objectives outlined in the Water Framework Directive. Led by the Energy and Water Agency, the project involves key partners including the Environment and Resources Authority, Water Services Corporation, Project Green, University of Malta, Ministry for the Environment, Energy and the Regeneration of the Grand Harbour, Ministry for Transport, Infrastructure and Public Works and the Ministry for Gozo. By addressing gaps in Malta’s water management framework and enhancing public awareness, the project contributes not only to the objectives of the Water Framework Directive but also to other EU directives such as the Drinking Water Directive, Groundwater Directive, Floods Directive, Marine Strategy Framework Directive, Habitats Directive, and Bathing Water Directive. Furthermore, the LIFE IP supports the formulation of Malta’s 3rd River Basin Management Plan.


The primary objectives of the LIFE IP project are:

  1. Increasing awareness and efficiency in water usage to effectively manage water demand.
  2. Establishing sustainable conditions for utilizing various water resources such as rainwater and groundwater.
  3. Improve efficiency in the national water cycle, particularly through support for wastewater reuse initiatives.
  4. Optimizing the management and protection of surface and coastal water bodies to meet regulatory directives and ensure environmental sustainability.

Project Outcome

During the project’s initial phase, known as the ‘Preparatory Actions’ phase, efforts were focused on addressing identified gaps in Malta’s water management framework. This included educational and awareness campaigns aimed at promoting sustainable water practices.

In subsequent phases, the project shifted towards engaging the general public with various initiatives:

Household Water Consumption Audits: Providing households with information on their water usage patterns and suggesting ways to enhance efficiency.

Eco-label Scheme: Introducing an eco-label scheme to encourage environmentally friendly water usage practices.

Water App: Launching a water app to provide users with information and tips for water conservation and management.

Additionally, technical studies were conducted, including the implementation of demonstration actions on Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS) and Valley Management Plans. These efforts aimed to integrate innovative approaches to water management and further contribute to achieving the project’s objectives.

By undertaking these actions, the LIFE IP project aims to not only address immediate water management challenges but also lay the groundwork for sustainable water practices in Malta, in alignment with national and EU environmental goals.

Project Duration

Starting date: January 2018

End Date: December 2025

Total Duration: 96 Months

Budget Allocated: € 17,000,000 between 8 project partners.

Energy and Water Agency (Malta): €6,000.000.00

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