Project Description

LEAPto11 stands for Linking Energy Audit and EnMS Policies towards the new EED article 11project. The project is financed by the LIFE Programme. The LEAPto11 project is a collaborative effort among European Member States, led by their respective National Energy Agencies. It focuses on supporting the transposition and rollout of the recently revised Article 11 of the Energy Efficiency Directive (EED).


The project’s main aim is to enhance the quality framework for Energy Audits and Energy Management Systems (EnMS). By evaluating, updating, upgrading, and optimizing existing programs, LEAPto11 aims to significantly improve energy efficiency practices across the region. Through joint action and cooperation, this initiative strives to contribute to a more sustainable and resilient energy landscape.

In addition, the project will delve into other sections of the Recast EED that pertain to energy savings within the business sector. This includes fostering synergies among various initiatives such as energy audits, EnMS, Energy Efficiency Obligation Schemes, alternative measures, and information programs. By exploring these interconnected elements, the project aims to maximize efficiency gains and promote holistic approaches to energy conservation within businesses.


  1. The project aims to improve existing national programs related to energy audits and energy management systems to contribute to a more effective and comprehensive framework for energy efficiency.
  2. It seeks to investigate how different initiatives within the Recast Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) can work together to promote energy savings in businesses. This includes aligning energy audits, energy management systems, Energy Efficiency Obligation Schemes, and other measures to maximize impact.

Project Outcome

The project aims to achieve several outcomes to benefit the public. Firstly, it seeks to enhance national energy efficiency programs by improving data management practices and producing key performance indicators (KPIs) for better decision-making and energy savings for individuals and businesses. Secondly, the project aims to support government ministries, businesses, auditors, and national agencies during the implementation of energy efficiency regulations, ensuring a smoother transition and better compliance. Lastly, it aims to promote the use of standards and protocols to encourage the adoption of energy efficiency measures, empowering individuals, and businesses to reduce energy consumption and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Starting date: February 2024

End Date:  January 2027

Total Duration: 36 Months

Budget Allocated: € 1,775,290.50 between 11 project partners. 

Energy and Water Agency (Malta): € 102,613.00

External Website: https://leap4sme.eu/

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