The Energy and Water Agency has launched its latest initiative targeting the accommodation sector, in particular guesthouses and boutique hotels, with the aim of helping them become more sustainable in their operations.

The initiative entitled GUEST – Guesthouse owners and Users Embarking on a Sustainable Transition will be providing energy and water audits within guesthouses in order to take stock of the current situation and identify possible areas of improvement. This individual approach will also allow the possibility to hand-hold such operators in this transition by providing technical guidance, given that they do not usually have personnel with technical expertise. Furthermore this exercise would also indicate whether there are key common weaknesses in energy and water management within the sector which could be addressed through training, sector specific financial schemes or other measures.

During a press conference launching this scheme, Minister for the Environment, Energy and Enterprise Miriam Dalli emphasised the importance of pushing forward sustainability in all sectors. She praised EWA’s efforts to help these businesses in the technical aspect of their efforts since they might not be equipped with that kind of personnel in their operations.

EWA CEO Manuel Sapiano said that through this initiative and others that the Agency has embarked on, it aims at promoting this change in culture in favour of sustainability.

Amy Talbot who is a director at a boutique bed and breakfast enrolled in this initiative highlighted the ease with which she could apply for the scheme and the constant support she has received in this regard.

The GUEST initiative will also target the guests as they play an important part in the overall energy and water consumption in such premises. The Agency will be providing welcome packs to these guests that can be used during their stay as well as beyond, together with energy or water awareness message promoting responsible use.

This initiative aims to target this niche market as their structure, management and composition might differ from other types of collective accommodation such as hotels. The initiative came about following a series of focus groups with guesthouse owners to gain insight on the sector and design the right actions to address it.

Should you require more information or would like to join the initiatives, get in touch via the email

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