The University of Catania, in collaboration with the Energy and Water Agency (EWA), celebrated the completion of a Green Roof project at the Di3A headquarters on 16th November 2023. This initiative, funded by Interreg Italia Malta through the GiFluid project, aims to explore the potential of green infrastructure in flood prevention while enhancing the sustainability and energy efficiency of the building.

Similar to the successful project at Ghajn Centre, Malta, this multi-faceted green roof serves as a platform for collecting crucial scientific data. The project focuses on understanding the impact of green infrastructure on rainwater flow, vegetation retention rates, and release times. The green roof also features a diverse array of vegetation tailored to thrive in Sicily’s unique climate. The roof includes multiple pollinator houses, providing shelter for bees, butterflies, and other pollinators. Furthermore, the green roof is equipped with a drip irrigation system to ensure the vegetation is maintained.

Following the inauguration event, a technical seminar was held on the 17th of November at the University of Catania. Around 200 participants attended the seminar to learn about the work that has been done over the duration of the project in Malta and Sicily.  During the seminar, representatives from the Sicilian Region and the University of Catania, alongside delegates from the Energy and Water Agency and the Rabat Local Council, shared insights into the project, including the purpose, methodology, and key learnings. The discussion was further enriched by the participation of a representative from IRIDRA, highlighting their dedication to extending the success achieved in the Gifluid project through their active involvement in the CARDIMED project, funded by Horizon Europe.

Manuel Sapiano, CEO of the Energy Water Agency, emphasized the importance of these projects for both Malta and Sicily, and he is looking forward to continuing building on the success of the project. The results of the project should not be limited to the region of Malta and Catania but should be extended to other parts of the Mediterranean.

The GiFluid project, initiated in June 2021 and set to conclude in December 2023, received €1,985,000 in funding from the Interreg Italia-Malta Programme. For more information about the Gifluid project, please visit

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