After two years of the Covid pandemic where the GĦAJN Centre has missed the yearly open weekend, last weekend the GĦAJN: National Water Conservation Awareness Centre was once again open to the public. 

Between the 24th and 25th September, the GĦAJN Centre hosted the annual Open Weekend with the focus of this year’s theme being on energy efficiency. This was highlighted through one of Centre’s interactive screen games – The Energy Hunters. Children were able to meet Luna the pirate and Mirko the Chameleon, who were the protagonists for this year’s open weekend. Both adults and children enjoyed the two sketches that were put up in the Centre’s outside theatre. Children had interactive discussions with the characters after each show and took pictures with Mirko and Luna.

Another two popular events were the educational workshops. Both adults and children enjoyed planting indigenous and endemic species in pots after an educational talk by the animators. One other educational workshop was that of painting slogans related to water saving and energy saving techniques on tote bags which they could then take home with them.

Over 1000 visitors visited the Centre during this open weekend where all were able to enjoy first-hand the interactive screen activities, four of which tackle water issues and two on energy. Educators explained all the different programmes offered at the Centre to the visiting public, and showing them the interactive screen games.  The Centre offers six different educational programmes for both Primary and Middle School students. All activities are based on school syllabi themes that could be used as a consolidation to science, history, geography, social studies and environmental studies lessons. Activity books corresponding to each respective interactive activity are also distributed to the students, to be used as further reinforcement about water awareness and energy efficiency.

Throughout the Centre’s grounds one could also go through a series of educational stands , showcasing the work that the Agency undertakes, together with educational tips on water and energy saving techniques. One of the stands was dedicated to the promotion of the Interreg Italia-Malta GiFluid through which the Energy & Water Agency will design and develop the Green Roof of the Ghajn Centre.

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