Green Infrastructures to Mitigate Flood Risks in Urban and Suburban Areas and to Improve the Quality of Rainwater Discharges (GIFLUID)

The GiFluid is a 30-month project and has a €2 million budget that will be implemented in Malta and Sicily. This project is being financed by the programme Interreg Italia – Malta, in conjunction with the Energy and Water Agency, Rabat Local Council together with the University of Catania, the Region Council of Sicily and Aci Castello.



In response to the challenges faced by coastal communities in Sicily and Malta, the project aims to develop its mitigation framework through the implementation of three key action areas:

(1) Testing of three types of Green Urban Infrastructures at laboratory and real-scale in Sicily and Malta;

(2) Integrating Green Urban Infrastructures in a GIS based catchment model that will enable the modelling of rainwater run-off flows and resulting flooding under different scenarios of GUI application; and

(3) Development of a master plan to develop a methodology that will provide guidance to local authorities on the establishment of an economically optimal level of the application of GUIs for the mitigation of flood risk.


The project will also develop a policy paper on the application of GUIs to mitigate flood risk, hence linking the project’s outcomes with policy makers and promoting the integration of GUIs integration in urban and suburban development planning.


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