Project Description

Tools for Assessment of ClimaTe change ImpacT on groundwater and adaptation Strategies (TACTIC)

The project, named TACTIC (Towards Advanced Climate Change Impact Assessments through Collaboration), aims to address the increasing impacts of climate change in Europe. It brings together Geological Survey Organisations (GSOs) from across the continent to collaborate on finding solutions. Climate change is already causing significant problems in Europe, such as floods and droughts, and the situation is expected to worsen. To effectively tackle these challenges, there’s a need to understand the role of groundwater in influencing climate change impacts.

TACTIC seeks to facilitate collaboration among different GSOs and enable the sharing of knowledge about groundwater and its relationship with climate change. Through this collaborative effort, the project aims to develop a standardized approach for assessing climate change impacts that can be applied uniformly across Europe. This standardized approach will enhance our understanding of climate change impacts and aid in devising effective strategies to mitigate them.


  1. Foster collaboration among Geological Survey Organisations (GSOs) to work towards common goals.
  2. Develop a standardized method for assessing the influence of groundwater on climate change impacts.
  3. Test the developed method in various regions across Europe to ensure its effectiveness.
  4. Ensure the accuracy and utility of climate change impact assessments.
  5. Establish a central platform for easy access to all collected data and findings.

Project Outcome

Through the collaborative efforts of Geological Survey Organisations (GSOs) across Europe, TACTIC will achieve several significant outcomes. Firstly, it will result in the development of a standardized method for understanding how groundwater impacts climate change. This method will be tested in different regions to ensure its applicability throughout Europe.

Furthermore, TACTIC will promote closer collaboration among countries, facilitating the exchange of information and expertise on climate change and groundwater. By consolidating all findings in a centralized platform, the European Information Platform, the project will make it simpler for stakeholders to access and utilize the information for decision-making. Overall, TACTIC represents a crucial step towards addressing the challenges posed by climate change in Europe through collaboration and knowledge-sharing.

Project Duration

Starting date: January 2017

End Date: February 2022

Total Duration: 62 Months

Budget Allocated: € 1,799,979 between 20 project partners.

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