The 2023 edition of the FLOWPATH conference on hydro-geology was organised in Malta by the Energy and Water Agency and it brought together over 100 hydro-geologists and experts in the field of water. The conference held between the 14th and 16th of June discussed many important themes, encouraged knowledge-sharing exercises and stimulated discussions from real life projects.

The first conference day touched upon various topics such as groundwater monitoring and policy to protect this precious resource. This conference day included a special session on hydro-geological studies in Malta with particular references to ongoing research projects and case studies in the Maltese Aquifers.

The second conference day focused on challenges that the groundwater quality and quantity is experiencing, as well as ecosystems that are groundwater dependent.

Speakers for these interesting sessions sessions came from different corners of the world, giving insight to different realities and experiences in hydro-geology. During the conference days, participants had the opportunity to observe and learn more about the presentations given throughout the conference through numerous poster sessions held with the speakers, to discuss further these interesting topics.

The third and final conference day took a more hands-on approach as the participants headed to different site visits across the island to observe in real life the topics mentioned. These visits included tours to the desalination plants, underground water galleries, water conservation education centre, underground monitoring stations and geological tour of the Maltese islands.

FLOWPATH 2023 was an overall fruitful conference, organised in collaboration with IAH – Italy and WATER – Be the Change, with the support of many entities.

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