Flow Path 2023


The Italian Chapter of the International Association of Hydrogeologists (IAH) is pleased to invite you to the 6th Edition of FLOWPATH, the National Meeting on Hydrogeology. Following the tradition of the previous editions of FLOWPATH, the conference will be an opportunity for hydrogeologists and professionals to exchange ideas and discuss different issues on groundwater resources.


Session I — Policies and Practices to Protect Groundwater (14th June)

Session 2 — Special Session on Hydrogeological Studies on Malta (14th June)

Session 3 — Addressing Emerging Challenges to Groundwater Quality and Quantity (15th June)

Session 4 — Groundwater Dependent Ecosystems (15th June)

FIELD TRIP (16th June)


Opening of registration phase and abstract submission: 15th January 2023

Deadline for abstract submission: 15th March 2023

Notification of abstract acceptance: 28th April 2023

Deadline early bird registration: 15th April 2023


MALTA, 14th to 16th June 2023



The objectives of the conference are:

  • To ensure that hydrogeology can play an important role in supporting the development of groundwater management and protection policies;
  • To strengthen knowledge and research initiatives on emerging challenges to the groundwater environment;
  • To update all the stakeholders, researchers and professionals on recent challenges in the hydrogeological sciences;
  • To encourage researchers, professionals and administrators to contribute to the improvement of a sustainable water resources management; and
  • To highlight research initiatives undertaken in the Maltese islands, and improve technical cooperation between Maltese and Italian hydrogeologists.


The Conference will be held fully in-person, and will not have registration fees for the IAH Italian Members, to facilitate the attendance of delegates in view of the increased travelling costs.

Click here to download the leaflet for more information



Local Organization Committee

Energy and Water Agency

Chair: Manuel Sapiano

Members: Michael Schembri, Henry Debattista, Aaron Cutajar, Gilbert Gauci

IAH Italian Chapter

Luca Alberti (Polytechnic University of Milan)

Stefania Da Pelo (University of Cagliari)

Giovanna De Filippis (AECOM URS Italy)

Diego Di Curzio (University of Chieti-Pescara)

Giovanni Forte (University of Naples)

Manuela Lasagna (University of Turin)

Marco Petitta (Sapienza University of Rome)

Vincenzo Piscopo (University of Tuscia)

Preziosi Elisabetta (IRSA-CNR Italy)

Marco Rotiroti (Bicocca University of Milan)

Sergio Rusi (University of Chieti-Pescara)

Glenda Taddia (Polytechnic University of Turin)

Alberto Tazioli (Polytechnic University of Marche)

Riccardo Torri (EG Team)

Daniela Valigi (University of Perugia)

Valentina Vincenzi (Vincenzi Consultancies)

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