Fifth call launched to develop innovative projects by water and energy researchers

Since 2020, 13 projects have been approved with an investment of more than €1.6 million.

The Energy and Water Agency has launched its fifth call for research and innovation projects in water and energy. Since 2020, 13 water and energy research projects have benefitted from this initiative with an investment of more than €1.6 million.

Applications for the fifth call will be received online between 24th June and 23rd September 2024, and an information session for interested parties will be organized on 28th of June 2024 at 3pm.

This was announced by Minister for the Environment, Energy, and Regeneration of the Grand Harbour Miriam Dalli and Parliamentary Secretary for Youth, Research, and Innovation Keith Azzopardi Tanti during a presentation of the conclusions by researchers of four projects that benefited from this initiative through the second call in 2021.

In recent years, interest in this initiative has continued to grow, not only from the academic sector but also from the industry, due to the Agency’s requirement for applicants to be part of a consortium. This leads to several enterprises becoming more interested in submitting projects in partnership with academic entities, allowing research to take on a more trend of commercial potential. The winning projects are given funding to work on their ideas and come to build prototypes in preparation for broader research, leading to progress in commercial implementation.

The Minister for the Environment, Energy, and Regeneration of the Grand Harbour, Miriam Dalli, said that Research and Innovation are essential pillars in the energy and water policy plan.

“I believe that when we invest in research and innovation, we invest in local researchers to offer solutions that help the country reach its sustainable targets. Since the start of this initiative by EWA in 2020, €1.6 million has been invested in 13 different projects dealing with various areas in the water and energy sector. I look forward to more such initiatives so that we can lead to more positive results, which directly impact the lives of each of us,” said Minister Miriam Dalli.

Parliamentary Secretary for Youth, Research, and Innovation Keith Azzopardi Tanti praised this work because of the importance of this sector and the necessity of continuous progress in it.

“I encourage collaboration between entities that are experts in their field, such as the Energy and Water Agency, to collaborate with MCST. If this happens, I truly believe we can strengthen the portfolio of thematic programs and significantly increase the impact of these grants. Together, we can advance our country’s future and develop a holistic system that addresses the evolving challenges in Maltese society.”

Among the 13 projects that have already benefited, some are working on tangible concepts found in residential homes, such as solar panels, batteries for electric cars, and potable water. Several projects also focus on an industrial scale, such as offshore renewables, energy grid, and groundwater systems. The current list of beneficiaries is wide-ranging, including academics, the public sector, and private institutions.

Prospective applicants should focus on energy and water research this year, particularly in greywater systems that improve water efficiency and more efficient agricultural irrigation systems. In the energy sector, areas should focus on the increased potential of solar or wind energy systems, grid integration, energy storage with energy sources, and demand-side management.

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