The Energy and Water Agency has won the Facilitator Award during the Climate Action Awards as part of the #ClimateOn campaign organised by the Ministry for Environment, Climate Change and Planning. Through this award, the Agency has been recognised for its efforts in improving energy efficiency and sustainability in the sports sector, through the Leading sport organisations to higher energy efficiency scheme. Through this scheme, the Agency helped over 40 sports organisations through an investment of over €1 million to improve their operations and become more sustainable.

Thanks to these new energy efficient practices within their operations, these sports organisations are now reducing their costs whilst contributing to a more sustainable environment with lower emissions. In fact, the sports club benefitting from these investment ranged from boċċi clubs to football clubs, athletics and aquatic clubs. In most cases, the clubs were refunded 100% of their investments cost, to a minimum of 90% investment of eligible costs.

The five categories for this Award night are made up of The Agent of Change category, The Facilitator category, The Illuminator category, The Innovator category and The Engager category. Each one, naturally, reflects the different spheres of climate actions implemented locally to fight climate change. The Facilitator are those coming from the public sector, including public entities and local councils, and who are working on strategic manoeuvers that are pushing Malta in the right direction.

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