Students from 8 different schools are participating in the fourth edition of the LIFE project. The aim of the LIFE project is for schools to develop initiatives related to water conservation. During an event, in which students presented their projects, the Minister for Energy, Enterprise and Sustainable Development Miriam Dalli explained that €10,000 are being allocated to enable students to carry out their sustainable initiatives.

These projects are made possible thanks to initiatives undertaken by the Energy and Water Agency. Throughout the year, EWA runs a number of activities for students at Ċentru Għajn in Rabat. The centre offers a variety of interactive games aimed at raising awareness and to promote water conservation and energy efficiency. 

Complementary to these interactive games, EWA has published original books in Maltese to continue raise awareness about the efficiency and sustainability of natural resources.

Minister Miriam Dalli praised EWA for carrying out such initiatives especially where such initiatives can reach students of all ages. “Raising awareness about energy efficiency is important for our future generations to learn to make cautious  decisions with less environmental impact,” said Minister Dalli.

The majority of the water conservation projects of the 8 schools for this scholastic year will focus on rainwater harvesting and greywater reuse.

In addition, a new educational toolkit, ‘Green Home Explained’, has been prepared for Year Five and Year Six students, and has been distributed to all schools. Through this toolkit for teachers, students can expand their knowledge and the function of renewable energy and its efficiency.

“It is important for our country to conserve essential resources like water. We must therefore continue to preserve this resource without impacting the environment. With these learning tools, we are reiterating our message towards a sustainable future, “added Minister Miriam Dalli.

EWA Chief Executive Officer, Manuel Sapiano highlighted the role of the GĦAJN centre and the importance of the small changes that can be instilled in the younger generation through these educational efforts.

“The scope of GĦAJN is to promote water conservation in a ‘fun’ way, highlighting the ‘small’ but important things which everybody can do. Everyone has a role to play in making our living more sustainable,” said Manuel Sapiano.

This activity was attended by students and teachers from St George Preca Primary School Valletta and Floriana, Savio College, St Nicholas Primary School Rabat, St. Edward’s College, Naxxar Induction Hub, St. Paul’s Missionary College Rabat and Santa Tereza Birkirkara Middle School.

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