Energy Saving Tips

Energy Saving Tips

Investing in small everyday changes to improve energy efficiency, may result in a good rate of return specifically through energy savings. Below are a number of saving tips that can easily be implemented without much or any investment cost. These tips, if taken into consideration may result in significant savings on your electricity bill.

Avoid keeping the lights on unnecessary – save energy by switching off the lights every time you leave the room.

Roof insulation is beneficial throughout the whole year; it enables the home to remain cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

Use external shading and when possible keep blinds/ curtains closes, especially during the heat of the day. This will reduce your cooling load.

If you’re considering changing the light fittings, it should be noted that incandescent and halogen lighting are the least efficient, thus should be replaced first.

Save energy by keeping a constant temperature while baking in an oven. As much as possible, resist the urge to open the oven door unnecessarily.

When purchasing new products, compare energy labels to understand which is the most energy efficient. You can do so by opting for products which rank in the green band of the energy scale.

Avoid leaving the fridge door open for too long, and when closing it, make sure that the door it is tightly shut.

On days with good weather, avoid using a tumble dryer and opt for an open air drying option for your clothes.

Save energy by running your dishwasher when at full capacity, and when possible try to opt for an eco-cycle.

Most of the energy used during clothes washing is that for water heating. Run your washing machine on a lower temperature setting and save on your energy costs. If not particularly dirty, wash your clothes at 30°C.

Boil only the amount of water needed; boiling more water will take a longer time and will of course use more energy, which will be wasted as that water will not be used.

Television sets are one of those appliances often left on standby, still consuming energy even though switched off. Therefore, make sure to switch off your TV from its power switch.

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