Project Description

The EnergyEfficiency4SMEs project (EE4SMEs), is financed by the LIFE Program. This innovative project represents a collective endeavor engaging 23 partners spanning across 9 countries. Its overarching goal is to enhance energy efficiency practices within small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) operating within targeted sectors.


The EE4SMEs project targets key sectors such as accommodation and food service activities, agri-food manufacturing, and metalwork manufacturing. Over the course of 36 months, this initiative plans to directly aid 1000 companies by facilitating the implementation of energy audits, with a specific goal of conducting 140 audits within this timeframe. Additionally, the project seeks to elevate the expertise and proficiency of 1000 company personnel and 200 energy auditors/stakeholders engaged in the process.


The objectives of the EnergyEfficiency4SMEs project encompass:


  1. Identifying best practices from larger companies and tailoring them into cost-effective recommendations for SMEs within the specified sectors.
  2. Developing tools to facilitate the energy transition process within SMEs.
  3. Identifying energy-saving actions and, if necessary, conducting additional studies such as energy diagnosis and feasibility studies.
  4. Raising awareness and encouraging companies to commit to sustainable energy management practices, potentially leading to the implementation of energy management systems.
  5. Capacity building and facilitating the implementation of energy efficiency measures within SMEs.
  6. Exploring options for financing energy efficiency initiatives within the business context.

Project Outcome

Through these endeavors, the EnergyEfficiency4SMEs project aims to significantly enhance energy efficiency, reduce energy consumption, and promote sustainable energy practices within SMEs. This contributes to environmental sustainability while also improving cost-effectiveness within these sectors.

Project Duration

Starting date: November 2022

End Date:  October 2025

Total Duration: 36 Months

Budget Allocated: € 1,749,337.70 between 23 project partners.

Energy and Water Agency (Malta): € 68,044.00

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