Everybody is aware of the tough time businesses and workers alike are going through at present as a result of the worldwide pandemic that has hit unanticipated. Because of these unprecedented times, companies have to do their best to regain momentum and hit the ground running for their business to continue to move forward. Certain companies experiencing slow business during this time have seen it as an opportunity to tackle pending issues and upgrades both in operations and maintenance areas.

Waste of resources whether it is time, money or energy is always a constant concern for all enterprises, but this pandemic has taken this concern to a new playing field. For this reason, the Energy and Water Agency has prepared a short guide to help companies minimize wasting energy through easy tips that can be followed without investing new resources in this endeavor and therefore energizing their COVID response.

In fact, there are numerous improvements a company can undertake without making any investments, which might be something a company would hesitate to do in these difficult times. These improvements would not only improve energy efficiency within the business but effectively saving the company money.

The short guide that the Agency has compiled includes tips and advice on how you can optimize different areas of your company, ranging from lighting systems, the building envelope in itself, IT and even training available. There are also possible opportunities to apply for different Government schemes through Malta Enterprise, and REWS, among others, to finance your energy efficiency projects.

Adapting to this so called ‘new normal’ might not be easy but taking on board these tips and practices can be a step in the right direction.

Access the Energy and Water Agency’s guide to Energize your COVID response, HERE


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