Foster Clark – Energy Efficiency Partner Initiative

Energy Efficiency Partner Initiative – Foster Clark

Foster Clark joined the Energy and Water Agency’s Energy Efficiency Partner Initiative to increase energy efficiency and decrease its impact on the environment.

Foster Clark Among numerous actions within the company to reduce energy consumption, Foster Clark have installed a central monitoring system that allows for constant monitoring of the plant’s consumption. In this way, if a fault or anomaly is flagged, this can be addressed immediately.

Another initiative by the company to increase its efforts towards higher energy efficiency is the implementation of a heat recovery system that allows the generated heat to be used in other parts of the manufacturing process, where required.

Foster Clark is a leading company in manufacture and exports of foodstuff for the past 40 years.

These are only some of the measures that Foster Clark have implemented over the years, as part of the Energy Efficiency Partner Initiative, managed by the Energy and Water Agency, in order to improve the working environment for the workers, limit the impact on the environment and reduce consumption.

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